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2024-06-01: THAIFEX - BEYOND FOOD EXPERIENCE, 28 May -1 June 2024.

Another success for Suwannaphum Rice at THAIFEX ANUGA ASIA 2024. We would like to thank you to all visitors who took the time to visited our booth and showed interest in our Thai rice.

This year, we are fully prepared in all aspects, including Thai rice products, the information discussed with all the visitors, and showcasing innovative product which were developed by our Research and Development team, creating products entirely from rice, such as tea from rice leaf and rice flour from rice byproducts, which are then used to make various dishes such as brownie, cookies and Papin (Traditional Thai pancake).

We are grateful for the overwhelming feedback we have shared. Stay tuned for our new products and we hope to seeing you again next year at THAIFEX ANUGA ASIA 2025!!

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